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Sarah(talent, fashion model)

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Born3 September, 1996 (age 22) in
'''Sarah''' or '''Sara''' ; |Sara|Śārā}} ISO 259-3 ''Śara''; ''Sāra'')}}, originally '''Sarai''', – ''Śāray'', in pausa had told Abram to leave his country and his father's house for a land that he would show him, promising to make of him a great nation, blessing him, make his name great, bless those who blessed him, and curse "him" that curses him. Following God's command, Abram took his wife Sarai, his nephew Lot, and the wealth and persons that they had acquired, and traveled to Shechem in Canaan. Abram was 75 at this time. When brought before Pharaoh, Sarai said that Abram was her brother, and the king thereupon took her into his palace and bestowed upon the latter many presents and marks of distinction. It is possible that Sarai acquired her Egyptian handmaid Hagar during this stay. However, God afflicted Pharaoh's household with great plagues.
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